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GoPro Launches Quick Stories with Automated Video Editing Features



Last July 27, 2017, GoPro has announced the official launching of QuikStories, a video creation tool that allows you to automatically get content from Hero 5 or Hero 5 Session cameras and create a customized movie complete with music, special effects, and more.

The Development of QuikStories

The technological company describes QuikStories as a solution for users to create and share cool experiences to social media. It’s similar to Apple’s Memories which allows users to accumulate recent footage from their iOS photos app and generate shareable videos. Thus, users no longer need to undergo the editing process. It will be automatically generated.

Quik is not a new app, however. It was bought by GoPro and was rebranded as “Capture” in early 2016. Capture required users to open their GoPro app and manually select the footage, import it, open the app, and splice the footage into a video. It took a lot of time and was not user-friendly. Thus, the company decided to incorporate the integral features of the app but improve others. Then, Capture was rebranded back to QuikStories.

Advantages of QuikStories

When Hero 5 and Hero 5 Session owners connect their cameras to their iPhones and launch the GoPro app, a new software automatically copies recent footage. The footage may be photos, bursts, time-lapse images and videos, or video clips. The copied footage is sent to Quik for auto-editing.

In the Quik app, users simply have to choose a theme and add a title text. The app will do the rest. The editing operations and content offloading operations already support background processing. Thus, users can completely get their hands off the process.

However, for those who which to choose their own effects, filters, text overlays, music, and more, they can switch to manual editing. Manual editing can be done directly in Quik app or the GoPro app. Editing features in Quik include media format, movie duration, and music choice. The user interface is simple, so it’s easy to use the app.

After a QuikStory is done, it can be shared with your friend via Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also upload it on your Quik server, save it to your Photos, or e-mail it.

User Review for QuikStories

Early versions of QuikStories were released early this year. Users who were able to test it were impressed. They noted that the app performed actions effectively. The transitions, for instance, are perfectly synced to the beat of any chosen song. The connectivity firmware allows responsible copying and parsing of content. Download speeds are enhanced as well.

In an interview with The Verge, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman reveals that QuikStories is their biggest leap forward since GoPro’s invention. It’s a simple storytelling solution but a major game changer.

Since QuickStories takes the hassle of offloading, editing, and sharing photos and videos from the users, more content gets used instead of just being stored. Indeed, it’s evident that the app is a great progress in GoPro.

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