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Shop ethically and reduce your fashion footprint – Tips to follow now!



It is unanimously acknowledged that nothing can be more disheartening for a fashion-freak than to realize that their passion for fashion is having an adverse impact on the rest of the environment. Casual shoppers who shop around casually don’t even have inkling of the problem that they’re creating for the world. Fast fashion seems to be the main issue, to be specific. We all are aware of the fact that the booming of cheap clothes is causing the ultimate problem throughout the world, from below-average conditions for factory workers which lead to factory tragedies which in turn take a toll on the resources of the earth.

There is too much of clothing being made in unethical ways and although this might initially seem overwhelming, the good news is that we can bring about small changes in the way we shop for clothes. Here are few suggestions for you that will make you feel good about the difference that you’re making.

#1: Know how to shop fashionable clothes at the thrift stores

One of the most effective ways in which you can shop ethically is by buying used clothes. It is sad enough to note that there are many people who shy away from thrift stores as they don’t like the idea of sorting through the crowds. Rather being intimidated, take it as a game. Go on your holidays to browse through their racks and choose clothes which are made from good quality fabrics like suede, wool, cotton and leather. Once you’re not wearing your clothes and you’re tired of them, bring things to a full circle by donating them.

#2: Watch out for online ethical clothe brands

If you’re fashionable and stylish enough to buy branded clothes, the only option for you is a mall. Apart from visiting the mall, you could even head online to discover some of those amazing brands which produce ethical clothing. Eileen Fisher has an eco-friendly collection of classic and simply stylish clothing. Everlane is another brand which offers transparency about where and how their clothes are made. Their products are even reasonably priced despite being ethical.

#3: Find out the ethical fast fashion brands and stick to them

The good news is that you don’t require eschewing fast fashion forever. However, there are some brands which make an effort to provide ethical clothing and hence you can reward their efforts by buying such clothes whenever you see them. H&M offers a separate section for conscious clothing as a portion of their sustainability goal. Similarly, there are many other brands which you can stick to in order to reduce your fashion footprint.

#4: Learn more on ethical clothing

You won’t be successful enough to buy ethical clothes if you don’t know what they are. Do your bit of homework on what ethical clothes are and which brands you should be interested in. Know where the clothes come from and how they’re made.

So, if you’re someone who wants to reduce your fashion footprint on the world and yet remain stylish and fashionable, follow the points mentioned above.

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Fashion & Shopping

Fashion & Shopping – Reflecting Our Lifestyle



Fashion basically means some popular trend or style especially in body, clothing, accessories, footwear, or makeup. Sometimes there are some trends which are used by some of the famous celebrities and become popular and they are then become the fashion of the season. These fashions are then copied or followed by many of the commoners. Fashion can be the way in which a person dresses. Sometimes some clothing styles become quite popular. Sometimes some materials become fashion. Some way of carrying a particular dress material also becomes trend or fashion. Fashion repeats itself. Means suddenly what is in, becomes obsolete after few years, and then come back to fashion again, after some 5-6 or 10 years. Hence there is no such fashion which keeps on going on and on. Fashion and latest trends tend to attract women more than men. There are fashions for men as well, but usually men of any religion, region, age, culture follow or stick to the same fashion every year, while women tend to change their fashion sense every one or two years. Aspects of trends or fashion can be masculine, feminine or sometimes androgynous.

The Backless Evening Gowns and the Ready-to-Wear Fashion of the 1930s:

The 1930s was the peak time for the fashion industry as it impacted the lifestyle of many people. There was a great change during that era. People during that era were bound to make less use of items and produce more in clothing, due to the economic hardship of the Great Depression. This trend, which is still popular today, made the fashion industry more accessible to the general public. These components have led to a more streamlined and cleaner look in fashion. But the popularity of backless evening gowns can be linked to the feeling of being desirable and attractive. The 1930s saw an upsurge in backless evening gowns, which transformed the perception of the ladies and their position in the public and society. The outfits acted as a symbol of luxury and sophistication while also being a way for the women to showcase their feminism and uniqueness. 

Why women love shopping more than men

Fashion is the term, which we can mainly relate with women rather men. Whether it’s about clothing or jewelry or most importantly shopping. Women love shopping very much. And some girls like to buy Mother’s Day gifts for their mothers. They love visiting malls, shops, more than anything else. It’s like their lifeline. Whenever you go for shopping you will notice that clothing stores and jewelry segment is mainly filled up with women. For purchasing one dress they will take much time. They judge the quality of the item that they may purchase. For purchasing one item, they will see some 100 items. They end up in buying the item as well. It is their habit.

Many of you will wonder why this is so. Why women love shopping so much. Well the reasons are explained just below:

  • Peer Pressure: Women watch a well dressed woman more carefully than men do, and we always blame the man. Unlike men, women actually notices another woman’s dress, way of carrying the dress, material and colour of the dress, the jewelry she is wearing with the dress, whether the footwear goes with the dress or not, nail paint, lipstick and many more things. If a woman looks better than her, then she may either try to copy her, or will buy something more expensive or different from her. And if she fails in his effort, then she raises hand to the online shopping website toward. This may happen even if the better looking woman is her best friend. Hence peer pressure makes women shopaholic.
  • To Impress Men: Women love compliments. And if the compliment comes from a man then it acts as icing on the cake. Compliments make women feel confidant, top of the world, etc. Every woman loves to become the centre of attraction.  She always wants to impress her man with her outlook, clothing, footwear, jewelry, etc. She wants to dress herself in such a way that she should get noticed in every occasion. A woman never wants her dress to be repeated in the occasions where some same types of persons attend. Hence, she prefers shopping over repeating dress.
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Fashion & Shopping

10 Essential Inhabitants of the Wardrobe



Take a moment and imagine yourself getting ready. Is the whole wardrobe lying bare on your bed and are you still confused about what to wear? This is a problem women face on an everyday basis. No matter how much you shop apparently while getting ready everything trendy seems to be boring. Not to worry; for here is a list of 10 essential things you should have in your wardrobe:

1. Good Denim

True, now there are plenty of other options available you can wear instead of jeans; but a pair of good denim is always classy and goes with almost everything. So, have a few pairs of various washes and types and you are good to go.

2. White T-shirt

A white tee is always in style. You can pair it with almost everything- from denims to pants to skirts. There are numerous ways to style it up with a good scarf or a shrug. White tees will always be on style and so you must own them in your wardrobe.

3. Blazer that fits

Try and find one that looks good with everything- be it a concert or everyday look. You can wear it with a tee, shirt or blouse. An outerwear is always helpful to help achieve the desired look.

4. The Classic Black Dress

Confused what to wear for a party? A little black dress is never cliché! Opt for one that goes in almost every occasion. All you need are a good pair of footwear (be it heels or sneakers) and some outerwear (jacket or cardigan) to style it up personally.

5. A Scarf for All Occasions

A good scarf is a must have for it can change your look completely and make you look more fashionable and elite. There are numerous ways to wear a scarf around your neck. Even if your outfit is really boring, a good scarf can transform the look completely.

6. A Sweater

This is a classic winter wear item for the wardrobe. A good knit sweater can be worn with almost everything and it has the ability to give you a classy and cool look.

7. T-shirt Bra

A good bra is the most necessary item in the closet for without good fitted underwear any good outfit can turn ugly. The best option is to own a t-shirt bra which can stay comfortably under everything. This is the first one though. Having a good innerwear collection goes a long way.

8. Sunglasses

An essential item yet there is no need to have a collection. Just have one or two trendy classic pairs that will go with everything.

9. Footwear

The most difficult part of dressing is to choose the perfect footwear for only they can complete the look. Just have the pairs of snickers, flats and heels and you are all set to go.

10. Leather Jacket

Invest in a good black leather jacket for a lifetime collection. Trendy and stylish, this can give you a fabulous finish.

Have these things in your closet and next time you won’t stand in front of your closet, clueless about what to wear.

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Fashion & Shopping

Essential Dressing Tips for Men



They say that first impression is the last impression and your dressing manner helps a lot to build that impression. There are some simple yet classy dressing rules for men which help them make a good first appearance. The job of dressing well is not very easy for men because the options are limited in comparison to women and a bit overdo might make you look silly. So, here are some absolutely essential dressing tips for young men:

Simple, Classy and Comfortable

In case of men it is absolutely essential to keep it simple. First take a look at your current collection and then try to upgrade it slowly. Try not mix formal wears with casual because that would make you a clueless person having absolutely no dressing sense at all.

However, when getting dressed give utmost importance to your comfort and that is why it is necessary to dress according to the weather and environment. That would not only make you at ease but also give you a sharp outlook.

Fit in Properly

In case of fashion what matters most is the fit. It is applicable for any kind of garments but especially if it is a suit. Wearing a suit well is very important. If you are wearing suits for the first time go for the classic black suits. Be careful about the shoulder fit because that is the base.

Own Your Jeans

Invest in your jeans because they are evergreen and you can actually own them with time. The best and most popular cut is the ‘slim-tapered’ cut for it is comfortable and looks smart at the same time. But the secret to look smart in your jeans is to wear them until you own them. Invest in dark denims for the repeated wash will make them look yours.

Bright and Bold

Men in general are scared of colors and that is why everyone opts for those boring navy or grey suits again and again. However, the truth is color can make you look bold and help make up a good appearance. Invest in bright colors like green, bright blue etc. Even a bit of touch from colors can make your look more refreshing.

Shoes are Important

It is not your garments but your shoes that tell more about you. So invest enough on shoes- especially invest on evergreen long lasting pieces. Classic styles will always be on trend. Also keep some casual collection for casual outings too.

Watch the Watch

Men do not have many options regarding accessories like women. So they must use whatever option they have to the fullest. In case of men wristwatch makes a very important statement for you can use it to decorate yourself in a more sophisticated way. Generally sports models go with almost everything. There are millions of models available in the market but choose wisely because a watch makes a statement. So choose one you feel goes with your personality.

These are the basics. Once you start being aware of your appearance you shall get to know more about what suits you best and what does not.

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